I’m an A320 pilot. This iBook is simply superb.
— A320Skipper, iTunes Review
Having interactive photos really makes this book a joy to learn from. Much better than the manuals provided by my airline.
— Clay0888, iTunes Review
Very thorough and well written. You can tell a substantial amount of time and effort was put into the research for this book. This contains a lot of great information that isn’t really taught in ground school or by Airbus. This book bridges that gap without bogging down the reader with superfluous information. The pictures and videos embedded are of excellent quality; worth every penny!
— 320Bus, iTunes Review
I have been flying the A320 for 8 years and I can honestly say that I have not found better training material, and I have scoured for information on this airplane. It covers details you will not find elsewhere.
— Edmund Hillary, iTunes Review