At Flüge, we offer cheaper and higher quality pilot training materials that can be easily customized! We understand that training costs are constantly rising. We want to help!

Our company has an experienced design and production team who created custom Airbus A320 posters perfect for individual study or briefing rooms. Our posters are drawn with a high attention to detail in vector so it can be printed in different sizes without any loss in quality. Posters come in a set of three which include the overhead panel, main flight instruments and center pedestal. They are printed on durable and high quality paper stock. The standard size is 24 x 36 inches. Other sizes are available.


We also offer a customized iron cross ideal for pilots during their initial training. It is double-sided and packed with full of information. On the inside is a realistic cockpit and on the outside are essential information like memory items, limitations, preflight and a summary of the flight control laws. It folds to an A4 size and it can easily be carried around. Pilots love it!


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