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Very good ★★★★
by Airplanekp - Feb 3, 2019

This guide comes in handy especially with the videos and the pictures displayed to show the tests. Awesome material!

Indispensable for the Airbus driver ★★★★★
by dissaper - Jan 29, 2019

Initial and recurrent; this is the premier Apple Books source for A320 flight crew. The best airplane systems study guide I’ve used. Looking forward to neo updates..

Good to have in a cockpit. ★★★★★
by yan7823 - Jan 26, 2019

Very good documentation for a trained pilot on the A320 Fam. It’s help to improve quickly your general knowledge and it really easily accessible thru the index. Thx for this book

Worth Every Penny ★★★★★
by C mull - Jan 22, 2019

Just hired on to a US airline to fly the A320. This book is a great reference that accompanies the study material given to us from the airline. Sure, they provide enough resources for you to be successful, but this book provides an excellent supplement for general reference! The high def pictures are an excellent bonus!

Super ★★★★★
by jetstream_flyer - Nov 18, 2018

This is an absolutely fantastic book. The author has clearly devoted a huge amount of time and energy to compile this book. Very user friendly, very easy to understand. A must have for all A320 line pilots, engineers and aviation enthusiasts alike.

Excellent book with exceptional description of the A320 ★★★★★
by Richard320/71 - Jun 23, 2018

Detailed description of the A320 systems with amazing photos and videos.

by Christian014 - Aug 30, 2017

Interresting guide!

Perfect for Pilots & AvGeeks! ★★★★★
by iPlayer1023 - Jun 23, 2017

An amazing book for pilots and everyone who’s interested in Aircraft and especially A320 Systems. I read the whole Book, and still open it up the refresh my knowledge. I also got it out on the Flightdeck one time when I had an flightsimmer with a question onboard. Amazing job done with that Book, totally worth the 50€!

Karol ★★★★★
by Karoluch - May 12, 2017

Strongly recommended!!! Great book. All you need to review aircraft. Better then CBT ;-)

Great Book ★★★★★
by Aoali - Apr 29, 2017

The great refrence book for all Airbus pilots. Loved it.

The best book ever! ★★★★★
by PilotA320-214 - Nov 17, 2016

The best book ever!

Systems guide good for old and new A320 pilots ★★★★★
by A320greg - Oct 20, 2016

I have been flying the A320 for nearly 20 years and I've found that the Airbus material is lacking the finer details that the Advanced Sytems Guide explains . I thouroghly reccomend it and hope that one day one will be produced for the A330.

Good book ★★★★★
by Roustuc - Oct 19, 2016

Good book waiting the next update

320AvioTech ★★★★★
by Aviotech320 - Jul 27, 2016

Nice A320 Systems I book totally recommended.

Excellent Systems Guide ★★★★★
by geojet707NKS - Jul 23, 2016

Excellent Airbus systems study guide! Very detailed and written by and experienced Airbus pilot. Highly recommend this for anyone just beginning their Airbus career or already flying the 319/320/321!! Thanks for a great resource!!

Superb information and illustrations ★★★★★
by A320skipper - June 10, 2016

I'm an A320 pilot; this ibook is simply superb. Great photos and illustrations with very useful information. Offers photos and insight into area not fully depicted or described by FCOM. Excellent book to have.

Best ebook about aircraft subsystems ★★★★★
by NikkolasB - Mar 1, 2016

Very interesting ebook about a lot of A320 aircraft subsystems. Nice for every people passionated by aeronautics or by aeronautic professionals.

Awesome ★★★★★
by Labive - Oct 7, 2015

Love this book wish I had it for my initial training. Looking forward to the upcoming additions.

Very nice tool and a step ahead ★★★★★
by Nosferatu70 - Oct 5, 2015

Very useful and user friendly. It gives a slightly different perspective and a step forward about the aircraft systems compared with the information included on the FCOM’s. Excellent add to your study backed up with excellent photos. I recommend it for sure.

Excellent book! ★★★★★
by Clay0888 - Sep 28, 2015

Having interactive photos really makes this book a joy to learn from. Much better than the manuals provided by my airline.

Great Book ★★★★★
by S.Sabu - Sep 4, 2015

This book is very useful both for initial type endorsement as well as PIC upgrade. Highly recommended. Thanks.

Great Ibook ★★★★★
by Math380 - Aug 18, 2015

The best so far

Perfect for type rated pilots ★★★★★
by Xman86X - Aug 9, 2015

A great book with a lot of background information. Perfect for pilots with A320 rating to refresh and study further the systems...

Excellent Work ★★★★★
by 320bus - Aug 7, 2015

Very thorough and well written. You can tell a substantial amount of time and effort was put into the research for this book. This contains a lot of great information that isn't really taught in ground school or by Airbus. This book bridges that gap without bogging down the reader with superfluous information. The pictures and videos embedded are of excellent quality; worth every penny!

by sjuan22 - Aug 1, 2015

When CFM engines? (Estimated)

Amazing ★★★★★
by CaptRobCat - Jul 29, 2015

I just completed my transition to the left seat at a major U.S. Airline, and I have to say thank you. Having read this book, I had far more confidence and a deeper knowledge/understanding of many of the systems of the A320 going into oral. The pictures, illustrations, as well as the ease of reading was absolutely remarkable. I would, and will, recommend this book to any A320 new hire or upgrade pilot that wants to not only operate but seek a deeper understanding of the Airbus and how it works.

Nice addition to the systems library ★★★★★
by Junebug172 - Jul 19, 2015

The book is well done - very clean and well laid out. Its got some great little detailed info one would not normally get from a typical systems book. I can see this book being a go-to one day.

The best... ★★★★★
by Edmund Hillary - Jul 17, 2015

I have been flying the A320 for 8 years and I can honestly say that I have not found better training material, and I have scoured for information on this airplane. It covers details you will not find elsewhere.

Aviation enthusiast point of view ★★★★★
by archivolto - Jul 11, 2015

Well done, you can read it in the way of professional or as an entgusiast. Personally i was bored by text too finalized to be tested at the end. So try it , it is interesting and native for ibook so interactive in many way

Great In-depth Book and System Guide ★★★★★
by A-320 pilot - May 18, 2015

This book is filled with a plethora of system information, and would be a great addition to everyones library! The book is filled with in-depth items for the advance A-320 pilot as well as for those just wanting to learn more than what is found in the A-320 manuals. The illustrations and superb photo make for allowing the reader to visualize the many componites that we as pilots do not get to see often, if ever. I cannot wait to see what is still to come from this author! Great Job!

Extremely detailed and wonderfully illustrated ★★★★★
by Captlonestar - May 3, 2015

Ben has done a amazing job compiling this book on the A320 series. The book is wonderfully illistrated with beautifuly clear pictures and videos. The text is very detailed and precise, allowing the reader to fully grasp the intricate systems. I have been showing this to every pilot I fly with and am recieving positive feedback. It’s a great guide to study for recurrent or just to keep up with during the year. I highly recommend.

Great Book ★★★★★
by Pretty, Pretty Good. - May 1, 2015

This book is very good to understand what the heck it is you are doing when hitting that button or switch. Airbus is meant to be “simplified” in many ways, this is a good book for those who actually want to know their plane

Brilliant study guide for all 320 drivers. ★★★★★
by Captain Dazz - Apr 28, 2015

G'day, I have about 8000 hours Airbus time on the 320 and 330 primarily 320 as a Captain/Training Captain and ground trainer. This study guide is packed with information that I found a great one stop location and some great background information on the aircraft its systems and operation. Great photos back up excellent text highlighting many things most 320 pilots would never get to see. Overall a brilliant book packed with great information and a true asset to any A-320 pilot of any experience level. Highly recommended.

Highly Recommend ★★★★★
by TK370 - Apr 28, 2015

This book is a great read and a helpful resource to anyone going through an initial type or recurrent on the Airbus. I wish I had this book when I went through my initial type. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to supplement their current manuals.

Excellent book ★★★★★
by Dieter_M - Apr 26, 2015

Very nice book, good content accompanied by clear pictures. Great companion to the FCOM when studying.

Slick presentation and great information ★★★★★
by Aviatrix320 - Apr 26, 2015

Fantastic presentation of A320 systems. This book goes in-depth into every system without getting into minutiae that you wouldn’t find helpful while flying the airplane. It’s appropriate both for pilots studying for an A320 type rating as well as veteran ‘Bus drivers’ who want to increase their understanding of the aircraft’s systems. Easy to navigate and read with wonderful images.

Must have book! ★★★★★
by Tim 320 - Apr 20, 2015

Very good book! Lots of pictures and videos.

Stellar book ★★★★★
by MikhaP - Apr 15, 2015

This book is an excellent source of unusual (typically not found easily) information, yet at the same time the general information is also presented making it a complete book. The interaction, diagrams and photos of several system makes it an over the top book.

A Must Read ★★★★★
by PhillyFlyer678 - Apr 14, 2015

This book is a must read for any current or future Airbus pilots. Having been taught how to fly multiple years ago by the author, I can personally vouch for his un-matched knowledge base and attention to detail. It is evident that an incredible amount of research gathered from multiple sources took place in making this interactive book possible. The pictures and diagrams could only be created by someone with regular access to this aircraft who is familiar with flying it on a day to day basis. Having spent the past four years at the regional pilot level, I just accepted my first job flying the Airbus A320 and already realize that this book is essential in having a successful training cycle.

Great Information and Presentation ★★★★★
by A320 Flyer - Apr 13, 2015

This book is full of useful information for pilots who are new to the Airbus A320, as well as seasoned A320 pilots who want a more in-depth review of systems. The sysems are presented in a very clean, easy-to-read format, and the photography and videos are excellent. The interactive design allows for a thorough and interesting review of the Airbus A320.

Great information ★★★★★
by Huncowboy - Apr 11, 2015

I have been flying this plane for the past seven years. I must say there is information in this book that is not taught in any ground school and is not in the official Airbus manuals. The book is great and it is illustrated with pictures many pictures.

great addition ★★★★★
by NK pilot - Apr 9, 2015

The extensive photos and interactive graphics allow the reader to easily translate the information from the page to the actual aircraft.