The best A320 interactive book on the market. Five-star rated on iTunes! Available now on Google Play!


The iPad interactive book is an indispensable tool for pilots seeking the Airbus A320 type rating. This study guide offers an in-depth systems knowledge with photos, videos and schematic not found in other publications. It is packed with detailed and useful information to prepare any candidate for command and responsibility of the A320 equipped with IAE or CFM engines.

I just completed my transition to the left seat at a major U.S. airline, and I have to say thank you. Having read this book, I had more confidence and a deeper knowledge/understanding of many of the systems of the A320 going into oral. The pictures, illustrations, as well as the ease of reading was absolutely remarkable. I would, and will, recommend this book to any A320 new hire or upgrade pilot that want to not only operate but seek a deeper understanding of the Airbus and how it works
— CaptRobCat, iTunes Review