Every week, I will try to post a relevant story. If you want to contribute, please message me privately. We all have had something happen to us in our flying career whether it was a close-call, an emergency, something sad, something funny, what a mentor did for us, a jerk we flew with, you name it. These are your stories. So here is the first one.


"We were descending into Denver on a nice clear Fall day. I was at the controls as a First Officer. My Captain and I had been making normal conversation all the way up from Austin, TX. While being vectored on the downwind for 16L, we were on with Approach and descending through 12,000 feet. Suddenly I look over, and my Captain is holding a sick bag. He said he was feeling nauseous, and leaned forward to vomit into the bag. But something was off. He was acting normal the entire flight. He now looked pale, clammy, and as he leaned forward, his eyes rolled back in his head, lips puckered, arms with hand and fingers curled came to his chest. I thought he was having a stroke! I grabbed him, yelled his name three times! He was unresponsive! I immediately declared a medical emergency and requested priority for the visual to 16L. It took another two and half minutes or so before I was established on short final, which felt like an eternity, when suddenly I heard him say “500 stable.” I looked over in shock. “You with us?” I asked. Confused and somewhat disoriented he was responsive. After we landed, I took the airplane off the high speed taxiway to the gate. Paramedics met us at the gate and brought him to the hospital. After two days at the hospital and many tests, it was revealed that he caught a severe stomach virus. One so rare and so nasty, that it cause a neurological interruption to the brain and present itself as a stroke. He was cleared medically and back flying within weeks."