The iron cross is the ideal companion for pilots during initial training! It is double-sided and packed with full of information. On the inside is a realistic cockpit and on the outside are essential information like memory items, limitations, preflight and a summary of the flight control laws. It folds to an A4 size and it can easily be carried around. Pilots love it!

Tired of posters? Would you like a better and cheaper product? At Flüge, we can customize this iron cross to meet your training needs from the cockpit to your company branding.

For a limited time, we offer free customization. We will design the cockpit to match your exact aircraft configuration, limitations and memory items. We can also add any other pertinent information.

We do offer competitive pricing for bulk orders! Contact us using the form below and our team will get back to you!

If you are a pilot and wish to order a copy, please go to our shop. Thank you!

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